Aircraft Crew Trainers

Facilitate crew training with custom trainers designed by Crucial.

Cabin Crew Trainers

Crucial has designed, built, and installed Bombardier and Embraer regional jet cabin trainers for several end users across the USA. These fully functioning 52’+ long trainers have the look and feel of actual aircraft, with all electrical features operating on standard 110v outlets including, but not limited to:

  • Fog/smoke replication
  • HVAC
  • Working cabin panels & lights
  • Full Galley
  • Actual doors & emergency exits
  • PA system
  • DV windows
  • Cockpit crew seats with yokes and functioning crew masks
  • Color mock-up of cockpit gauges

Benefits of Utilizing Crucial Trainers

Less Disruption Of Flying Schedules

When an airline performs educational training sessions inside grounded revenue-generating aircraft, income is lost. Let Crucial design your trainers based on your operational requirements, and keep your scheduled flights intact.

Centralize Your Educational Efforts

Crucial’s fabrication and installation Teams have installed trainers in the tightest of locations. In most cases, this allows end users to maintain training operations in office locations or their headquarters. Centralizing these efforts is an efficient way to onboard or conduct training sessions.

Air Stair Door Trainers

Many regional aircraft require air stairs based on corporate configurations, or as required by the airports they operate within. Crucial has designed trainers that operate with OEM structures, but are engineered with custom components allowing them to operate with power from one standard 110v outlet.

Specialty Non-Fuselage Trainers

If your space requirements are challenging, allow Crucial to design a more compact unit that still fits your training requirements.

Crucial not only designs and fabricates our own trainers, but we have mandates in place to market for sale various others. End users know that Crucial is a leader in aviation trainers, and they have the best chance of maximizing a sale partnering with our Sales Team.

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Call on the power of Crucial’s engineering and fabrication to provide a superior training experience for your crew.

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